SwiftKey X Keyboard Apk

SwiftKey X Keyboard Apk

SwiftKey X Keyboard Apk | 3.1 MB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:2.1 and up


Next-generation AI keyboard, now with unrivaled prediction and personalization! SwiftKey X Keyboard is the smartest keyboard on Android, using artificial intelligence to help predict your next word as you type.

v2.2.0.38 update:
- Latest update adds IME detection fix, XHDPI corrections & other minor fixes
- Full language localisation for French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
- Typing support for 35 languages including Arabic and Hebrew
- New multi-touch framework for faster typing
- Faster, more efficient Fluency engine reduces memory usage and improves prediction/correction
- DVORAK and COLEMAK layouts
- UX enhancements, including better settings menu, alternative character selection and sharing features

- New feature:
- Halloween "pumpkin" theme
- Improvements:
- Language Preferences should react to the SD card being shared
- New keyboard layouts
- SwiftKey should run in fullscreen mode on Sony S2
- Bugs fixed:
- Many minor bugs fixed; reports filed on support.swiftkey.net

** Check out our new pumpkin theme, to celebrate Halloween! **

With personalized learning from your online profiles such as Facebook, Gmail and Twitter, and many other features that make typing a breeze, boost productivity on your Android phone today.


World-leading language technology

SwiftKey X is based on the new version of TouchType's advanced Fluency language inference engine... the world's most accurate prediction and correction technology.

Cloud-based personalization

Personalize your SwiftKey typing experience with data from your Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, as well as your sent SMS messages. Our new cloud-based personalization makes for an unparalleled personal typing experience.

Typing styles to suit you

With SwiftKey X, we’ve fine-tuned typing styles to match the way you use your phone, in order to maximize efficiency and make typing messages a breeze. Choose precise if you're prediction-led and like SwiftKey to complete your words for you. Choose rapid if you prefer to write your words out in full, but tend to make typos and errors. SwiftKey will tidy them up for you.

Personal input modeling

SwiftKey X dynamically adapts to mirror the way you interact with your tablet, using advanced machine learning to modify the properties of the keyboard surface. The result is predictions that are based not just on your language, but also the way you type.


SwiftKey X comes with four exciting, high quality HD themes: pumpkin, light, dark and neon.


See our FAQ, support and ideas forum at http://support.swiftkey.net/

Default theme on upgrade is black/green. This can be easily reverted in settings.

We take your privacy seriously. This app does not store any password data and all language data learned on your device is never transferred.

Internet connection permission is required to install this app, so that language module files and cloud personalization data can be downloaded.

Use of this app is subject to our robust privacy policy, which is there to protect your rights and privacy. Read it in full at http://www.swiftkey.net/privacy.



(enable up to three at once)

US English
UK English
French (CA)
French (FR)
Portuguese (BR)
Portuguese (PT)
Spanish (ES)
Spanish (US)

Support for QWERTY, QWERTZ, QZERTY, AZERTY, Scandinavian and Russian layouts.


* Some issues remain in web text fields, which also affect the Android stock keyboard. We are currently investigating potential workarounds.

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