SymbolsKeyboard & TextArt Pro 2.5.14 Apk

SymbolsKeyboard & TextArt Pro 2.5.14 Apk

SymbolsKeyboard & TextArt Pro 2.5.14 Apk | 2.2 MB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:1.5 and up


SymbolsKeyboard & TextArt, the only symbols keyboard and the most featured text art and picture app for Android! Send ascii symbols or text art from the library to facebook, sms, mail, twitter, blog,... You can also create your own art! Check out this top5 ranked social app!

v 2.5.14 update:
✔ double space actions - none, convert to point or revert suggested word to original, you can set it on settings screen
✔ long tap on "123" key to get settings screen
✔ show/hide suggestions/fonts panel option on settings screen
✔ special helloween text arts

Contains layouts for the following languages:
✔ Arabic لوحة المفاتيح العربية
✔ Belarusian Белорусская клавиатура
✔ English
✔ Finnish Suomi
✔ German Deutsch
✔ Hebrew עברית
✔ Russian Русская клавиатура
✔ Spanish Español
✔ Ukrainian Українська клавіатура

Also includes
✔ built-in English dictionary
✔ user dictionary
✔ contact dictionary
✔ word suggestion (beta version)

★☆★ IMPORTANT: please uninstall trial and free versions before use Pro! You dont have to keep those versions on your phone! ★☆★

Forget old school smileys! TextArt and symbols are the new way to let friends and family know how you feel. There is an image and symbol for each occasion! Christmas, Easter, birthdays, new year's eve, love, friends,...

- Use, edit or create your text art
- Widgets for easy sending
- Send it via sms, email, Facebook, twitter, ...
- Copy it to a blog, forum,...
- Use the symbol keyboard to add ascii symbols to all your texts
- Use crazy text styles

Swipe the keyboard or long press the s1 button to change the keyboard layout!

Included keyboard symbols:

s1: ♥♀♂♣●•♬⌒ツ彡♡╰╮♪♩☆★∞¯`׺°´
s1 shifted: ▨▧▦▩▤▥▣◈□■↑↓→←↖↗↙↘♕†™。゚ˇ

s2: △▲▽▼◁◀▷▶◇◆☏☎◐◑♤♠♧♣☜☞⊙®※♨
s2: shifted: ₭Ω€₤∅₡✘✔▓∝﹏︴∋Ξ∈∵εї⇜↭∽§‡⊥↯

s3: Customized symbols and text art

s4: ♞♘♚♔♛♟♙♝♜回웃유シتÜѼѠӜѮ凸₪◎ΨѺѷ

rounded: ⓠⓦⓔⓡⓣⓨⓤⓘⓞⓟⓐⓢⓓⓕⓖⓗⓙⓚⓛⓩⓧⓒⓥⓑⓝⓜ


Imagine these symbols on your facebook, twitter, mails, sms, blog,...

Text art examples:

( -.-)
(,) )...zzzz

.-..-. /),/) .-..-.
"-.-" ( ';' ) "-.-"
.-..-. c(..c) .-..-.
"-.-" 00 "-.-"

( ‘ o ‘ )

Imagine these pictures on your facebook, twitter, mails, sms, blog,...

This most featured keyboard app is now top 5 in the social paid AppBrain market category!!!

For more information,please check video

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