MultiLing Keyboard 0.53 Apk

MultiLing Keyboard 0.53 Apk

MultiLing Keyboard 0.53 Apk | 791 KB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:2.2 and up


MultiLing Keyboard . Easy . Powerfull . All-in-One Multi-purpose Multilingual. Lots of languages and Keyboard Layouts (keyboard (IME).

V0.53 update:
★ И๑ω γ๑μ ςαท нανε ร๑мε ∮μท ωїтн MμℓтїLїทg кεγв๑αяδ. ㅜ๑ нανε ïт, รïмρℓγ ℓ๑ทg-ρяεรร 123 кεγ αทδ รεℓεςт εχ๑тïς вบтт๑ท.
★ Ctrl, Esc keys
★ More layouts
Cherokee, Neo, Bépo, Russian split mode
★ Dictionary for Khmer
★ Misc fixes

★ Small apk size
★ Extreme customizable
★ Easy layouts switching with gesture: T9, compact qwerty, phonetic
★ Qwerty / Azerty / Qwertz / Dvorak / Left Hand / Right Hand / Colemak / Qwerty+ / Qwertz+
★ Other tools: Emoji, symbols, mathematic, smiley faces, Edit Mode, Num Pad ...
★ Voice input (multiple languages)
★ Fast switching languages (Swipe or long-press space bar)
★ Hide keyboard with swipe-down gesture (with gesture option enabled)
★ Customizable gestures
★ Touch word correction
★ Themes, keyboard size, font size...
★ Auto correction: Type approximately or blind type and let MultiLing correct it
★ Auto-Text: Define your shorthand here.
★ User dictionary (for editing, please use UDM by Adrian Vintu)
★ Word learning
★ Multi-touch
★ Multi-tap option (T9, Compact)
★ Split mode for tablet size device (thumb typing)
★ Based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread keyboard
★ Accents key / dead-key (for certain language only):
and so on...
★ 나랏글
★ 手寫識別
★ Lots of languages
★Keyboard Layouts (with dictionary plugins):

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