FasterDownloads 1.2 Apk

FasterDownloads 1.2 Apk

FasterDownloads 1.2 Apk | 421 KB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:1.6 and up

FasterDownloads is a download accelerator that avoids Android’s limitation when downloading files and gives you a much needed speed boost when you enable it’s built-in Multithreaded Download!

V1.2 update:
Added support for JDownloader Remote Control (An easier setup wizard will be in the next update).

This app will register itself as a handler for most well known file types, allowing you to download them however you want, whenever you want. It is specially useful on phones using Touchwiz (the Samsung Galaxy line), since their browser has a mediocre download manager (Have you ever tried downloading an APK? It won’t let you. Don’t ask me why, I don’t get it).

You can also send your links to a Mac or PC running JDownloader and its plugin “JD Remote Control”.

Note: If you want to download with a Premium Megaupload, Rapidhsare or account, you only have to log in using the app’s integrated browser. It will automatically use your cookie to enable premium downloads

Some third party browsers (Firefox, Opera, Dolphin…) block other apps from directly accessing the URLs that you are browsing though, with a bad side effect: This download manager (and many other apps) can not intercept the Intents required.
Miren Browser is an awesome third party browser AND it is fully supported
Long story short: Don’t worry! You can long tap any link and “Share” it and this app will try to download it. And if you share a website, it will let you navigate through it until it catches the attachment (Useful for the sites that require you to be logged in).


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